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Why becoming a guide?

Tourist guides in Poland are almost all freelance and self-employed. Work is seasonal, often involving unsocial hours, and is usually obtained by establishing direct contact with tour operators, other agencies, and increasingly from independent travellers. Many guides, particularly those newly qualified, continue to undertake some part-time employment, as it usually takes a while to generate work.
Depending on the type of work undertaken, PTTK tourist guides can charge a range of fees. As an example for ‘mainstream’ guiding work in English in 2017, freelance guide got fees in the range of 500-600 for a half-day’s engagement (up to 4-5 hours).

Who can become a guide?

According to new law regulations a tourist guide could became a person who:
1) is over 18 years old
2) has never been punished for intentional crimes or other crmies commited with practicing the profession of tourist guide
3) has at least secondary education